What do you do when your old gas powered leaf blower can’t even whisper?Personal experience says that the Makita 4 cycle leaf blower will answer the call… every time.What do you know about 4 cycle engines? They’re amazing!No oil to mix. Gas fumes are at a minimum. Quiet operation. Great performance could be the winning virtue from the Makita 4 cycle leaf blower.The full purpose of having a gas leaf blower is so evident it never actually gets Makita any thought until your engine does not ignite.When yours truly moved into our existing house, I bought what I thought would be the leaf blower I would go to the grave with. It was highly rated and a selection of many expert landscape contractors. Although it was not a backpack unit, it was said to be “top notch.”I had been never really overly impressed with the overall performance of my alleged first class clean up tool. And after having a great deal of trouble even getting the engine started, I took it in for a tune up.Upon my arrival home with my newly tuned-up leaf blower, I pulled and pulled, but that stinkin thing would not go. So I put it back in the car and took it back to the small engine repair center, and, guess what, it cranked up right away. Then again, once I got home, it would not crank at all – not even a sputter. Within the next couple of months, my broom got quite a workout, and so did I.Then it became quite apparent that a tool that does not do its job is pretty much worthless.Just bear in mind that I NEVER would have gone on a Google search for gas powered leaf blowers if mine was working correctly.My search centered on the 4 cycle leaf blower once I discovered all the fantastic user reviews.