Plastic containers and acrylic bins are some of the most convenient, versatile, and multi-purpose display fixtures and organizational tools you can use in your business – no matter what kind of business it is. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, container bestellen and styles, use them by themselves or with other display tools, and use them for much more than just creating merchandise displays.

If you think these containers might be useful to your business but you haven’t yet decided to buy plastic containers, take a look at these three tips for using these containers – they might just have you ordering sooner than you planned to.

Plastic Containers Are Great for Stand-Alone Displays

You can buy plastic containers to use as stand-alone displays in a variety of business settings.

  • Use plastic containers and acrylic bins to create countertop displays of candy or small convenience items.
  • Situate small plastic containers on your restaurant’s tabletops to display packets of sugar, sweetener, and salt and pepper.
  • Place a plastic container on your tavern or restaurant’s bar to collect tips and business cards from patrons.
  • Use plastic containers in your deli area to organize and display packets of seasonings and condiments; drinking cups, straws, coffee stirs, and lids; and napkins and hand wipes.

Plastic Containers Work Well With Other Display Fixtures

In addition to using these containers as stand-alone display tools, you can also buy plastic containers and pair them with other display fixtures to create attractive, convenient showcases that make the most of your store’s space.

Such other display fixtures include:

  • Traditional convenience store racks with shelves for holding the containers. You can find these display racks for both floor and countertop displays.
  • Fixed position and revolving bucket display racks. Like convenience store racks, you can find fixed position and revolving bucket display racks for both floor and countertop displays. Note that bucket display racks generally come with the buckets included.
  • Slat wall and pegboard fixtures for hanging or sitting the containers to create wall displays. You can find acrylic bins designed specifically for attaching to slat wall and pegboard fixtures as well as extra tools like wires and hooks designed to help you hang containers. You can also find acrylic trays that attach to slat walls and pegboards that are perfect for holding small plastic containers.

Plastic Containers Are Excellent Behind-the-Scenes Tools

Plastic and acrylic containers are probably most often thought of as display tools for retails stores and businesses in the food industry, but these versatile bins are great for behind-the-scenes uses as well.