There are more myths doing the rounds than facts when it comes to seeking jobs online effectively. The internet may have penetrated a huge number of house3holds and almost every business today, but the awareness regarding the use of the same to procure jobs is not comprehensive enough. Your job does not end by just posting your resume over the internet – you need to work at it.

A Big Resume is a sure-shot formula to attract a prospective employer’s attention.

That negation at the very beginning 여우알바 of the first myth might have hit you hard but the truth is as stark as the negation itself! You may be one with much experience but even then with your expertise, you’re at a greater risk of attracting disapproval from the employers with your ‘longer than expected’ CV at hand. In an ideal case, the CV with a backing of huge number of years of experience should not be more than 3 pages; that is when applying for a job online.

Whether it is the job search site’s selection algorithm or the employer’s hawk eyes, you need to present a smart image of yours in front of them even before you were actually called for the interview! Fresher(s) should not have a resume longer than 2 pages at max.

The Most Popular Site is the Best

False. As a fresher or even as the experienced eagle, you need to know that bigger sites always do not necessarily translate to a larger number of job calls. Bigger sites are huge sources of revenues generated from searches and a huge number of advertisements posted on them. It is true that their networking big corporate bigwigs is more than other sites but still, you have nothing to lose if you apply for a job on a local job search site. These days, the underestimated power of ‘local’ has finally been recognized and built onto. If you’re looking for local jobs, there may be sites that are much smaller with their tall claims but are effective at helping their users to find a good job for themselves.

More the number of submissions, greater the number of job calls expected.

When the internet started out, it did not have much information – it craved for more. It is now hungrier than ever, but with a cause – the internet is steadily deleting redundant data available on it. That is an initiative taken to make the internet, a clutter-free space to work on and with. So if your aim is to subscribe to many online job sites, you stand at a risk of getting your resume deleted from the directories of the site you subscribed to!

Name is enough. I don’t need to research!

When applying for a job online, you have the option to know your potential employers well enough and in advance. This will help you get an insight into the kind of job scenario you’ll be put into. Do you bit – research on your employers and also the site!