There are many advantages to being a building surveyor. One must be dedicated, determined and responsible to be in a profession such as this one. The work load is high but the pay makes up for it. This job is for an individual that’s not afraid of hard work and loves a challenge.

A building surveyor can be described as one who provides professional advice on the construction of a building and various aspects of the property. They give advice on the laws, cost and the regulations of that building. It is also the building bausachverständiger surveyors job to monitor projects that are being constructed and to be sure to stay within the given budget. Also, they must plan and estimate the amount of work needed to be done per day to meet the allotted deadline. They must also ensure that the necessary documents as well as paperwork is completed on time. Another responsibility is to hire and manage the contractors that they feel is capable of getting the job completed on time.

When looking to become a building surveyor good eyesight is a must. Also, good physical health is required and as with any job, good interpersonal skills. Building surveyors are not only responsible for overseeing buildings being constructed but for the buildings that’s already been built as well. They must analyze a structure and determine what repairs need to be made in order for that building to remain in good standing with the law.

An individual can earn a considerable amount of money working in the as a building survey field. Newer employees being in this profession for about 1 to 4 years can make anything ranging from $13.50 to $26.50 per hour and those whose been in this field for about 5 to 9 years can make between $17.69 to $29.41 per hour. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that on average building surveyors earn approximately $44,849 per year. Nevertheless, there is not a set salary as a building surveyor. The pay is usually at an hourly rate. People in this field are usually hired by the city or by federal government agencies. Although, this is a really good job. The pay can fluctuate depending on the financial state of the country. If there is a recession, then the number of jobs opportunities will be limited simply because less people are looking to build structures during this time.

To become a building surveyor you are required to have a bachelors degree. Although, there are some individuals that are very successful building surveyors and only posses a high school diploma. However, more work is required of those that have a high school diploma versus those with a four year degree. Those having a bachelors degree are required to take some classes in the field of surveying and those with a high school diploma are required to complete a vocational coursework dedicated to surveying. Some states require you to take a test for their own records but most states require you to successfully pass a written exam sent by the National Council of Examiner for Engineers and Surveying.

As a building surveyor you will also be provided with benefits. These benefits include insurance which is a must in this profession. Also, you must be employed with a company for a certain period of time in or to be eligible for paid vacations. A 401k plan is available but not required. If a building surveyor would prefer to have one, than this option is available.