Some business people, when considering having their company website optimized for search engine ranking, ask a vital question: What is the importance of white hat SEO? The answer to the question is often a question: “How important is it to you to make certain that your site is not penalized by Google and dropped in ranking, or banned from search results altogether?”

If it sounds a bit drastic, it IS for any business that incurs the wrath of Google, which is especially vigilant about identifying what are called the “black hat” SEO perpetrators. Those websites get the boot from the Google indexes. This is bad. Very bad. Once your site makes the index, Google will automatically call it up and include it in a page of results, because the Google computer “bots” have determined that its content is relevant to certain search terms and phrases. Sites that are penalized do not show up in search results at all, or rank far beyond the first page (few people click on the links beyond those first few. You need to be at or near the top!). That’s why you want to ask about white hat SEO when you consider optimizing your website. The good guys win in the search engine optimization industry.

We don’t want to spend much time describing the black hat techniques. Read up on what happened to JC Penny and recently. Their optimizers used techniques that got them “busted” by Google. Furthermore, Google changed its search algorithm so that those slippery methods cannot be used again. Google cracked down on what are called “article farms”. We are not talking about this website, which is deemed a good source of informational articles such as this one. Other, less discerning sites had been jammed with nonsense writing, sometimes in barely basic English (written overseas) that were essentially “spam” to attract Google. Because the spam sites cluttered up and de-legitimized Google search results, they cannot rank anymore.

So, you can see the importance of white hat SEO to the success of a business hoping to mine the internet for new customers. It is entirely possible to leave the spam in the can, yet see a boost in business. It may be a question of long term search engine optimization versus some kind of quick hit that will ultimately get your site punished. White hat SEO is a long term business service, which can deliver fast initial results AND provide long term internet search success.