Are you a fan of search engine marketing? Well in particular, the most widely used term is “search engine optimization” (SEO). No matter what you call it, everybody knows what you’re talking about, and a lot of people fear it. The idea of trying to figure out how the search engines work is baffling… especially since Google changes it’s algorithm each and everyday.

So it’s a monumental task to sit there and try to “game” Google. Google is very smart, their algorithms are getting more robust, and their aim is to provide their users with the best experience and information as possible… without having to sift through a bunch sites that are deliberately trying to sell them something.

Yet nevertheless, it is still possible to rank high in Google (and all of the other search sites), using some strategies that you may have never thought of. A lot of people are saying nowadays that the free traffic received from Google, Yahoo, and Bing aren’t very good. I tend to disagree with this.

First of all, a free visitor who’s looking for something that is CLOSELY related to what you’re selling, is a qualified visitor in my eyes. With that, it’s safe to say that search engine traffic isn’t “worthless” or “unqualified”. It all depends on how you attract your prospect, how you get your prospect to get interested in you, and how you get them to buy from you.

Search engine marketing/optimization still works. Google even has a free SEO book for beginners who don’t know how to rank their website high in the search engines. There are a lot of concepts and terms that you will need to learn if you really want to get full benefits from the search engines.

But when most marketing people talk about SEO, the only big site that they talk about is Google. But what about Yahoo and Bing? These 2 search engines can get you a lot of traffic also. Plus (in my opinion), it’s easier to rank high for these 2 search engines than it is with Google.

I say that because there are a few techniques that still thrive on Yahoo and Bing. Such techniques are:

– EMD’s (exact match domains)
– 1 way and 2 way backlinks
– Keyword density (not spamming your page though)
– On-page SEO
– Lots of content
– And more

There is more to SEO than these things, but these things will get you on the right path towards having success with your efforts. If search engine marketing baffles you, a good reading of a good SEO book will do you just fine. It’s not hard to learn and master SEO… I just don’t advise that you make it the focal point of your business.

Never rely on just 1 strategy to market your online business. Anything can happen, and you could be out of business if that 1 strategy becomes ineffective. Instead, diversify your marketing efforts, and see if you can make 5 to 10 strategies effective for you… and then market with those strategies each and everyday.