Are you interested in guaranteed SEO? You might want to read this.

There are some SEO services which guarantee top rankings on Google.

However, any professional and trusted SEO company will tell you and confirm that it is not possible to guarantee such top ranking on Google. It is literally impossible to guarantee such rankings except for Google’s engineers.

Search engine optimization and boosting a site in the ranks is very complex and involves many factors. For example so called “on-site” website optimization and “off-site” search engine marketing techniques, like website promotion, directory submissions and so forth.

It is also common that some shady SEO providers use techniques which are not in compliance with Google’s terms and which might ultimately harm your site by getting penalized or de-indexed.

However, there is an easy solution around this!

You can get guaranteed SEO results easily with a trick which I learned recently, without relying on an expensive SEO consultation and shady techniques.

The trick is to simply do some “Self SEO” using a software where you will get your money back if you do not get top #10 Google ranking using the software.

How does this work?

As opposed to paying thousands of dollars for search engine optimization, you simple install such SEO software on your computer.

You choose the keyword you wish to rank for, it can be anything you like.

Now you choose the search engine, for example,, Yahoo, Bing or any other.

In the next step, the crucial ranking elements on your web site and other factors will be automatically analyzed by the software. You will be given clear advice where and what to change on your site.

Simply, you will see exactly what you have to change to improve your web page and the links to your site.

You then simply perform the changes on your web page. Repeat the step with the SEO analysis of your site until the software shows a score of 100% for your web site.

It doesn’t matter what your site is about, and the keyword does not matter either.

If you use the software and the score of the SEO analysis says 100% for your keyword and you do not get top #10 ranking in Google they will refund you the purchase.