There is a common theme that runs through many search engine optimization and web design companies, where they tend to speak to their potential customers and clients in technical jargon that most of the time doesn’t mean anything to the people they are trying to sell to. Whether this is a deliberate tactic to give the impression that the customer will get something really special, is debatable, however our aim with this article to talk to you in plain English and make sure you fully understand what search engine optimization is. (SEO)

So, what exactly is SEO and why does your website need it? Well, SEO is a process that enables your website to found within the search engines, like Google, Bing or Yahoo. For example, if you are car mechanic and want your website to appear on the first page of the search engines when people type ‘car mechanic’ into Google, then search engine optimization has to be carried out for this particular phrase.

Likewise, if you wanted your website found in the search engines for the phrase ‘auto servicing’ then you would also need to carry out search engine optimisation for this phrase also. This is a process that would then need to be repeated on any phrases that you want to be found for in the search engines for. (also known as keywords in Google speak)

There is a common mistake that many people or companies make when having a website built. They tend to spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on a website with all fancy graphics and effects – that no one is able to find, without using any of their budget on SEO. Unfortunately this is a huge mistake, as in reality you should just spend a small amount on your website and the majority of your budget on SEO. A website is only as good as it’s traffic and if your website has no visitors then you have no business. Our advice would be to find out in advance of having your website built, just how difficult it may be to get your website ranked high in the search engines, and then this will give you an idea on potential ongoing SEO cost’s which will allow you to adjust your website budget accordingly.

SEO Worcester based company, Top Ranking Web Design, provide both SEO and Google friendly web design. We understand how difficult it can be to get your website ranked within those top 10 search results in Google, however we employ all the latest methods of optimization, keyword research and competition analysis to ensure your website is ranked in the best possible way.