You can even go a step further and actually name the file ‘web-design-services.HTML’ which would also indicate the relevance to the content. The above is all well and good but if your content is not actually about ‘Web Design Services’ and in fact ‘Web Design Portfolio’ your page will be marked down considerably. So how do we go about making sure our content is about the actual keywords we have set? The key thing is to remember that Google Bot ( a script that analyses’ the code ) is a form of artificial intelligence, not human. It cannot read the text and understand it can only analyses. The main thing you need to concentrate on is your ‘keyword density’. Keyword density is worked out by the following.This calculation will work out the percentage of keyword recurrence in your text. An acceptable percentage ranges from 2% to 10%.
It is also a good idea to make sure your text contains your keywords throughout and not just at the beginning, middle or end. So what else could be a form of SEO? Your audience for one! Go to Google and search for “Mobile Phones”. Take a look at the fir “Organic Result” ( Not a paid slot ). When a search is submitted the keywords from the search query will appear in bold, and in this instance, There are 6/9 bold words in the title, 6/20 in the sub-text and 3 quarters of the actual domain name is in bold! To the average person, the eye will be drawn towards the bold text and thus making them more likely to click on the link to that site. This is a form of SEO to draw potential customers in before they have even visited your site. The short paragraph of text is taken from an html meta tag. If this tag is not in place Google will just put the first peace of text it comes across there which may be a piece of useless text and will not help your SEO. The meta tag looks like this; and is placed in the head of your document.

One other thing to remember when deciding on how to optimise your site for Google is don’t think too big. If you are a mobile phone salesman from ‘Mansfield’ don’t try and optimise for ‘Mobile Phones’. That mountain would be too hard to climb and would need a lot of financial backing. ‘Mobile Phones Mansfield’ would be more appropriate. Another, nay a must in this day and age, is to make your site dynamic. Not as in random content being thrown around but making sure content is being changed, and updated regularly Add Twitter feeds, user comments, news updates and the latest and greatest that you can offer! An updated and regularly maintained and altered site site tells Google that it must keep coming back to your site more often as your site provides new, fresh and up to date content for its user.

The final and probably the more influential piece of SEO knowledge you need to understand is ‘Back Links’. Back links are the amount of links on other web sites pointing back to yours. To understand the power of back links, if you search for ‘Click Here’ in Google, the number one spot is and always will be Adobe Reader yet it has no mention of ‘Click Here’ anywhere on the site. Why? It is because Google Bot does not crawl with java, flash or any other add-ons ( Adobe reader ) enabled so it will appear to have a link “Click here to install” and points back to the Adobe reader site. Of course, there are rules and guidelines to gaining back links. There is no point in rushing out and posting your link on every page you can.