To get guaranteed SEO is not always possible but several SEO services promise top rankings for your website on Google. If you seek the advice of a professional SEO service, it will verify that to guarantee top ranking on Google is simply not done excepting for some Google’s engineers.

To enhance the position and rank of a site for Search engine optimization is somewhat difficult as several factors come in its way such as “on-site” optimization and “off-site” search engine advertising techniques, website advertising, directory submissions, etc.

Sometimes, certain SEO service providers employ techniques which are not legal in the sense that they are not in conformity with Google’s terms and may do you more harm than good in the long run by getting you penalized.

There is a quicker method for you to get guaranteed SEO results without having to depend on a costly SEO consultation and illegal techniques. And that is by using software in which you will be repaid if you do not acquire top #10 Google ranking.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars for guaranteed SEO, just install SEO software on your computer. You can select any keyword of your choice. Next, select any search engine, as, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The software will analyze the important ranking fundamentals on your web site by itself. It will also give you advice on what changes to make on your site to improve it and what links to refer to on the webpage.