Your business is virtually nonexistent if your target market cannot see you online. And with more than 60% of internet traffic originating from search engines, SEO has become a necessity for a business to succeed. Over the past few years, SEO agencies have innovated several optimization techniques and strategies ranging from the most simple to the highly advanced tactics.

This full suite of services are great when combined, however, not all businesses have the resources in terms of time and money to do everything, especially small and family enterprises. If you’re one of them and you have to choose only three search engine optimization tactics you will do, these three should definitely be on your list.

How is Google Indexing Your Site?

No matter how limited your budget or your time is, do not skip this step. If you’re not getting any traffic from Google, then this will give you the basic data to explain your current status. In a nutshell, knowing your Google Indexing status will give you an overview if your site is getting listed on Google’s search results pages or not.

You can do this even without the help of an SEO company. Just logged into your Google Webmaster Tools (if you don’t have one, create now!), go to “Health” and go to “Index Status.” Once you’re here, select the “Advanced” tab. Once you’re here, you basically want to look closer into the numbers under the “Total Indexed” and “Not Selected” categories. If your site has 100 pages and GWT shows that only 10 are being indexed, then you have an issue. The next thing to look at is the number under “Not Selected.” Google defines this as: “URLs from your site that redirect to other pages or URLs whose contents are substantially similar to other pages.” This can also indicate pages with noindex tags on them.

After you conducted this indexing diagnostic, fixing your site to make sure you get the most number of pages indexed as possible is not that easy and experts recommend that you tap into the services of professional SEO agencies.

Focus on High Potential Keywords

The best SEO company would advise for businesses to target both high potential and long tail keywords, but if you do not have the luxury of time and budgetary resources, then focus on the high potential keywords. You can do this by identifying the unique or primary products and services you are offering and you must have a dedicated page for each of these featuring the high potential keywords. Further, be aware of the title tags you use. They should focus on the distinct content of the page and the same tag should not be repeated several times on different pages.