As an Internet Home Business Marketer for two years now I have tried just about everything possible avenue to generate leads. I have invested more money than I want to admit in Pay Per Click (PPC).

While I can honestly say I have had some incredible results from my efforts, it has still been very expensive. My personal belief is that anyone being able to generate 100 leads a day from anywhere, has a very good chance to make an incredible living from Internet Home Business Marketing.

As an experiment, I have started an experimental SEO site. The purpose here is to prove to people that SEO is possible and it can be done by anyone at a minimal cost. The one costly element about SEO is the time needed to do the work that supports the SEO project. I truly expect a six month build out to start to reach my lead targets, but to me, it is worth it to prove to the masses out there that want to follow the dream of an Internet Home Business on a budget, it can be done.

In my effort to make sure that I understood what SEO was from Google’s point of view, I went looking through the Google archives and low an behold I found the perfect FREE SEO guide. Follow this simple guide and you are on your way to getting Google and all of the other search engines to index your site and start to offer traffic.