Search Engine Optimization is the art of getting your website to rank high on search engines, most notably Google. There are thousands of webpages and blog posts with information on how to do this. The vast quantity of information available means that there are some myths floating around. Below there are three myths that many people still believe about SEO.

1. SEO is a morally grey area – A lot of people seem to think that there is something morally wrong about SEO. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are definitely morally questionable techniques, but Google works hard at addressing these issues. You can also completely ignore those techniques (known as Black Hat) and stick to acceptable tactics (White Hat). There is nothing wrong with optimizing your website for Google.

In general some of the best SEO tactics involve having fresh relevant content and making your site easy to find and navigate. How can making your site more user AND Google friendly be a morally grey area?

2. SEO can be “finished” – I always cringe when I hear someone say “I just finished optimizing my website.” What? No you didn’t because that is impossible. SEO is an ongoing process. You can finish certain steps but in general you should always be adding content and backlinks to your website. You don’t ever finish search engine optimization. You have to look at it as constant upkeep for your website. You aren’t “done” unless you are #1 in Google for your keywords. Even then, if you are #1, you need to keep active to keep that spot.

3. An overseas SEO company is just as good as a local one – There are a lot of foreign companies online that offer their SEO services. They usually do it at a ridiculous price that seems too great to pass up. While I think outsourcing certain online tasks is a good idea, I would avoid the overseas SEO companies. There is no accountability. If they don’t do the work, what can you really do? Can you go to their office? Can you file a complaint? No. There are thousands of stories of people buying these overseas SEO services and not getting what they paid for. Even worse than that, there are people who have gotten their site dropped in Google rankings due to the questionable backlinking habits of these companies. If you outsource Search Engine optimization, stick with a local company that offers you some sort of accountability.