SEO Strategies do not have to be complicated, in fact so many people over complicate and and spend so much time trying to get around “Google” that they don’t actually take enough action and start generating traffic to their website.

First, lets go over exactly why SEO (search engine optimization) is important and what makes an SEO strategy work.

SEO is all about helping Google and other search engines find your website by including the correct keywords in your article or blog post. If you can determine what your target market is looking for, and produce content that meets their needs, all you need is some good SEO strategies to make sure your content gets in front of your target audience.

So is SEO really that important?

With so many ways to drive traffic online, SEO can be pushed aside in favour of social media, video marketing, Facebook pay per click and many other ways of marketing online, but here’s the BIG reason search engine optimization needs to be an important part of everything you do…

With the right SEO strategies in place, one piece of content like a blog post or article can bring you in traffic day after day without ANY additional work. That means that you can have 100’s of visitors coming to your site daily from work you just did ONCE. That’s leverage!

Social media moves so fast that while it is GREAT for building up leads, branding yourself, creating a following all at lightning speed, you need to combine it with good SEO strategies to ensure that you have a high volume of traffic coming in even when you do NO marketing for a week.

My favourite SEO strategy is one that fits in to my existing blogging strategy. I write my blog post and ensure that I have chosen a good keyword using Google’s keyword tool. I look for a keyword that has over 1000 searches per month and less than 100,000 results in Google.

I then write my blog post using the keyword in the title and throughout the body along with some of the other relevant keywords from the keyword tool.

Sounds pretty simple so far, right?

Now I just simply start to syndicate this content using the social media strategies that you can read about at the end of this article. Now I have hundreds of backlinks from highly ranked websites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg which makes Google LOVE the post and usually I will find myself on page 2 of Google within the hour before I have even done step two!

So what is step two in our SEO strategy? We write an article on our chosen subject. Again, there is so much information out there on article marketing and to be honest, I think it is over complicated by people trying to find shortcuts instead of just churning out as much high quality content as possible.

Put simply, I write an article on my chosen keyword and put it on high authority sites like EzineArticles with a backlink to my specific blog post on the same subject. When these articles begin to get traffic, so does my blog and the backlinks to my blog from these articles also helps push the original post higher up in Google.