Many new and old online businesses alike have had their share of struggles to get top rankings in the major search engines, but none greater the woe than with Google. With Google controlling most of the world’s share of search traffic it’s no wonder so many entrepreneurs online are clawing desperately at the number one rankings. Despite that gut feeling, in times of desperation seeing the words “Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings” any one of us can become guilty of a hasty decision in a declining economy.

While you have probably already read that guaranteed rankings are a scam online in a previous SEO article from another author at one time or another, what I have to say may defer a bit from what you have read. I am here to say guaranteed Google rankings are actually easily achieved by SEO companies and are achieved for their clients everyday! Actually I encourage you to find a company offering this kind of guarantee, but not until you know the scam aspect of it first and how to combat it.

Scam #1

So then what’s the problem you may be wondering? Well truthfully it is pure marketing genius on their part, but pure agony for the client. You see, these SEO companies are ranking you in Google, Bing, and Yahoo first page or number one positioning for keywords related to your website, but the real situation lies in the keywords they choose and the competition for these keywords. The keywords are usually long tail keywords that get very little traffic and with little traffic, even less to no traffic to your site.

Quite easily they get away with this for one simple reason, it’s profitable for them. The easy lure of desperation isn’t enough though, it is through the use of extended 6 month or more contracts that you become their personal cash cow and are forced through this contract to continue paying hundreds or even thousands of dollars until the term ends. The contract will blatantly state that they promise to get you top rankings for the term of the contract and in your desperation you can really only blame yourself.

Scam #2

This is pretty much an addition to the scam in #1 however this is where you actually are aware of the keywords to be targeted before the contract signing. They actually persuade you to believe that these are the only keywords you can possibly ever rank for without a multi million dollar budget. They are partially true in this aspect, you have millions of dollars you can easily rank for anything, but the reality is you are better off holding off on immediate results and making a plan for the long haul for keywords that actually will bring in those coveted online customers. Again, your desperation is your ultimate self sabotaging vice that will bring you down.

Scam #3

Okay, now this actually isn’t as much as a scam as it is a reality check for you, the SEO consumer. The guaranteed rankings offered by some of these companies actually may try their best for you to get your keyword rankings but fail. In this case you get your money back but will have wasted months waiting on a search engine optimization company that couldn’t deliver and how much money is that really worth to you? Also beware, in a desperate attempt to please you and keep their money, they may want to try on a black hat which can get you banned from the search engines.