SEO Power is a free WordPress plugin from Mark Dulisse. Often when new plugins are released they compete with and tend to replace others. From time to time a totally new plugin concept is introduced that does not compare with any exiting ones.

That is what SEO Power is; a totally new plugin that does not replace existing plugins. In fact it works alongside any others that you might already have running on your website.

Regardless of the fact that SEO Power is a really great plugin Mark is giving it away free as a method of attracting people to take a look at his program Dominating Google. You can get the plugin without doing anything about Mark’s offer of Dominating Google if you do not want it.

What does SEO Power do?

It’s a really easy to use plugin that automatically builds your SEO or search engine optimisation. It detects when visitors find any page or post on your WordPress website and clicks through from Google. It records the exact keyword or keyword phrase used by visitors to search in Google and reach your site. It will convert that keyword or phrase into a WordPress tag that helps build your SEO for that keyword. It immediately applies the tag to all your pages and posts that contain the keyword.

To keep you up to speed with your SEO improvements it then informs you of your “before” and “after” Google ranking. You can actually see how it is working for you. And it is all done automatically.

How do you gain from SEO Power?

In a nutshell it will bring more traffic to your website.

Nowadays most people working with web pages have heard about SEO. Unfortunately very few understand it and even fewer actually put it to good use. SEO Power does so much of it for you without you having to understand how it is doing it.

There are ways to do by yourself everything that SEO Power does for you but it would take a lot of time. And also a lot of expertise. This plugin simplifies the whole process and does it instantly.

You no longer have to guess what people want or why they are visiting your site. This plugin tells you the exact search term and then you can develop your web pages to accommodate what they are seeking.

Google rankings for the search terms can help you to identify the best keywords and phrases to concentrate on. Often they are not the ones you previously thought of.

SEO Power does not replace other plugins. It works alongside them and helps you to improve your SEO. And it is free. If you want to make money online then take a look at it. After all you are in marketing to make money.