Remember when people said, “Just Google it,” and you had no idea what they were talking about?

Do you have a “My Space” page? Huh?

I saw it on You Tube; you have to check it out. Where?

Now we have SEO.

Ninety-nine per cent of the world’s population does not understand what it is, or what it even means. The other one per cent love the challenge of it!

Search Engine Optimization is SEO.

What does that mean?

Got a few hours? Because that is how long it will seriously take for me to explain the majority of the facets of Internet Search Engine Optimization, the techniques needed to do it, and secrets no one else wants to give away for free.

Is it hard? At first, yes. But once you learn everything, it is like a no-brainer about what you need to do.

So it is easy? Can anyone can do it? No, I did not say that.

Once, and only once you learn all of the techniques and how it must be integrated on your actual web site pages, then off your web site pages on the world wide web, it literally will drive you bonkers doing all of it!

Why is it so expensive?

Because no one in their right mind wants to live in front of their computer and research hundreds of websites, find their competition’s keywords, then find out what they need to do to beat them at this search engine ranking “game.”

Okay, I am obviously not in my right mind, because I do live in front of my computer, researching web site after web site after web site. I have searched more markets in the past two years and found their competition and grabbed all of the data needed to beat these web sites to get on top of them on the first page of Google.

Here is the number one problem about SEO, once you have all of this information. Are you ready? Here is the major problem–it’s called–TIME. That’s right. Time. It’s a rare commodity, and the more business owners I talk to and tell them I can get them on the first page of Google for free, organic rankings, the more time I waste not working on my own first-page rankings for all of my web sites.

Why do I say it is wasting my time? Because those people who do not understand how much TIME, education, experience, and expert knowledge I have at doing this wants to PAY for it.

I spend more TIME telling people what they need to do, walk them through their competitor’s web sites, and tell them what I will do for their web site’s rankings, and THEN I provide them with a fixed price, only to hear their jaws drop (yes, you can unfortunately hear that over the phone).

Would you be able to tell a psychologist all of your problems for free? Absolutely not.

Let me put it this way. SEO is far, far, far from a scam. It is imperative to your web site’s success.

BUT, there are so many uneducated SEO companies and SEO individuals, that you must be very, very careful who you hire.

On-Page Web Site Search Engine Optimization

Effective, targeted search engine optimization must be done for your website. Every single page, including all of its content, must be optimized based on a lot of TIME researching what real people are typing into the search engines.

Your web page title, header tag, meta name description, and keywords must all match. This is different for EVERY page. That takes more TIME.

Your content on every single page must have a certain percentage of keyword density. The title tag and its corresponding ingredients must have a certain percentage weight, and your second keyword choice for your pages must have another percentage of keyword density. Don’t get this mixed up, or your rankings will suffer.

If you guess at search engine optimization, you might get de-listed, or not indexed at all, because the search engines see you as a spammer. You might not even intentionally do this, but you will get hurt ranking on the first page of Google (or listed at all on Google) anyway because you didn’t have a clue as to what you were really doing.

How many pages does your web site have? Multiply every single page and its full optimization (done correctly) by approximately 5 hours PER PAGE. That’s a lot of a search engine optimization expert’s TIME. This includes all of the crucial research required for your site’s on-site optimization.