SEO or search engine optimization has been in the Internet for years already even way before the website boom! However, only a few years after that web designers and other experts came to discover about SEO and how it can dramatically increase a website’s page rank on different search engines.

Well, if you are going to visit Google, you will see the word Google on top and below is a box wherein you key-in what you are looking for and click search. Google might look a little boring search engine site compared to Yahoo where you can read news, what’s new, etc. all in one page. But don’t you know a lot had become rich because of Google? This is where search engine optimization takes place.

There has been a study that shows that people go to Google to search something and there is a higher percentage on people clicking on the website that is on the #1 spot. With this, a lot of people who are into online business have started to join the trend study how Google works, come out with different techniques and strategies. However, there is a little secret – Google does not divulge to the public its algorithm when it comes to the criteria on putting a certain website on #1. Yet, there are many people who speculate, guess, and even study this so-called algorithm and for some it works.

If you are planning to have a website and launch an online business or do have an existing business in Canada and would want to boost up your sales, then this is the time to get hold of an SEO expert. This person will use different techniques and strategies in order to promote your website online plus drive in more traffic to your website. The more unique traffic you got the better. But this is not SEO is all about. Driving traffic is only a small portion of SEO. You will have difficulty in digesting information about SEO for one day. But it does not hurt if you know something about SEO.

To sum up, SEO is a combination of different techniques and strategies that will boost up your website’s ranking on different search engines in return your website will obtain more traffic and of course higher conversion rate, which would lead to more sales coming in for you.

The bottom line of every business whether traditional or online is to gain profit at the end of the day. In no time, you will bring in more profits for your business with the help of an SEO expert to bring in more traffic to your website and slowly but surely your site will be on the #1 spot of Google.