Getting ranked by Google is essential when trying to make money online. The higher a blog or website ranks with Google the more likely it is that people will click on your link. Getting ranked is all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

If you are new to internet marketing you may panic at the thought of SEO. SEO always seemed like something that was very mysterious when I first started working with it. In all actuality SEO is very simple. It is all about doing a few things to make your blog or website visible to other people online.

I am going to discuss 3 things that you can do to increase your SEO in this article.

One of the most important things you can do is pick really good key words. A great way to pick key words it to use Goggle’s free keyword tool. Put in your niche in one word and do a search. You will come up with several hundred keywords. Sort these by number of monthly searches done. From this list pick a 1 to 3 word phase that ranks really high to use in your domain name. You can then make your domain name unique by putting in an extra word, i.e. my, best or any other word that makes the phrase unique. Then pick keywords for your categories (these do not need to rank as high) and more keywords to use in your post titles (these can rank low). This will give you a really good strong key work phrase for Google to rank.

Back links are really important. This lets Google know that other people also like what you have in your blog. Getting back links is not overly hard. There are several ways to get back links. There are places online that offer to get you several hundred back links for a price. This may be good but back links should come from other sites in your same niche and Google is not real fond of link exchanges. The way I would suggest to get back links is to go to other people’s blogs that are in your niche. If you find one that you like, send them a message and ask them if they would be willing to put a back link to your site on their site. You can also put a link to their site on your site. This way you know the links you are getting are relevant to your site.

Google really loves new activity on a website. This is why blogs rank so well. They are being updated all of the time and other people can be part of the updating by leaving comments. So update your blog regularly. A new post should be made no less than 3 times a week and as much as every day. I try to update my blog 3 to 5 times a week. On a blog you can write several posts at one time and then set the blog to post them at different times in the future. This allows you to designate so much time once a week or even once a month to write posts and have them automatically posted in the future. I find this easier many times than trying to sit down and post every day. However you decide to do it, be sure to have regular activity on your blog.

So SEO is not as difficult as it may seem and it is not mysterious. These are only 3 ways to get your blog or website listed with Google and other search engines. There are other SEO techniques that you can do also. The real important thing to remember about SEO is it is something that has to be done on a regular basis. So whatever you decide to do, do it regularly and Google will rank your site high.