There are billions of websites on the Internet and every website owner wishes dearly to see their website/page rank in SERPs (Search engine Results Page) for particular keywords/phrases, if not at the No.1 position, at least on the first page.

Most website owners read some ebooks and online material on SEO tactics and try to implement the methods and tactics themselves. Some do succeed with proper implementation of methods and regular and continuous SEO. But most of them fail due to the fact that they do not implement the methods and tactics properly or continuously. Many website owners, after continuous failure, and resulting frustration, hire or contract with a SEO/SEM company or SEO Freelancer and let the professionals do the job.

But does this really work. SEO is not an exact science and there are no specific tried and tested methods and tactics that have been scientifically proved to work. The Google algorithm calculates millions of parameters for a website/page to assign PageRank and nobody is sure what these parameters are. Neither does Google inform the public about the methods and tactics that can be used for ranking and achieving Google PageRank.

Although Google does not inform the public about methods and tactics, it does have specific guidelines which can be followed to achieve the coveted Google PageRank and ranking in SERPs for keywords/phrases. There are many such guidelines, but one of the most important is to acquire Back links for the website. Back Links are links on other sites that lead to your website. But that does not mean that you have to acquire Back Links from any website. Google guidelines state that the number and quality of back links is important.

But you should also take care to see that the Back Links come from good, content rich, theme related (websites with content related to your website), higher PageRank websites, and not from bad neighborhoods like Adult sites, gambling, online pharmacies, etc, unless your site is related to Adult content, gambling, and online pharmacies. Acquiring thousands or even a hundred thousand Back Links from unrelated, low PageRank, or bad neighborhood sites does not help your website achieve PageRank. What is required are a few hundred good quality, high PageRank, thematic BackLinks. Most website owners just concentrate on acquiring BackLinks, no matter where they come from, the PageRank of the page with the Back Link, and improper anchor text and Link text.

Although acquiring theme-based back links from content rich sites is important, as is the PageRank of the page that has the Back Links, the number of links leading to your website/page is important too. Acquiring a few Back Links from content rich websites is not enough to achieve ranking for the website. Nobody knows for sure how many good quality Back Links will make a site rank in SERPs, and Google is not telling.