SEO consulting for big brand companies with web sites of more than 10,000 or 15,000 pages involves certain unique types of search engine optimization problems. The main problems can be summarized in the following:

1 – Inefficient content management system:

The main problem in most cases lies in the web content management system or how the programmers, webmasters and marketing staff have used to manage the site’s content over years. Usually there are a lot of duplicate pages, broken links, missing title tags and many other coding mistakes.

SEO consultants must carefully analyze the whole website and recommend the proper solution to each situation.

2 – Website design and architecture:

Large businesses have a tendency to build very expensive great looking web sites that are not search engine friendly. SEO consultants should concentrate on building a perfect SEO siloing architecture for the whole website and rearrange pages into thematic groups, with proper internal linking.

3- Flash websites:

Flash websites are very attractive to human visitors but they provide very little information to search engine spiders.

4 – Poorly optimized templates:

Large brand sites usually use a template style of optimization by creating one or more optimized templates and then using their huge database to populate each page with the unique information relevant to that page.

The problem can start with how the templates are designed to display, use and reuse the content. A poorly optimized template or a minor glitch within a web site which contains millions of pages can grow from being a minor problem in the beginning to a huge disaster that will prevent search engine spiders from crawling or indexing thousands of pages with great loss in ranking and visibility.

Early detection of these minor problems or glitches will save a lot of time and energy.

5- Lack of relevant keywords in page content:

Big brand companies usually ask “creative” writers to add content and title tags to their pages. These talented writers produce very attractive page content that lack most of the relevant keywords. This type of content is good for the human visitors but has no value at all to search engine spiders. Consequently, these impressive pages will never be found in any search engine results and the thousands of targeted customers looking for these products will never come across these pages.