Creating the right SEO Strategy Plan is paramount in achieving high rankings in Organic Search Engine Results. Make sure to start from the bottom up. If you already know the topic of your website, you may move on to doing keyword research. Keyword research in nothing more than finding popular keywords to use in your web site’s SEO Strategy. If your website is new, this SEO Strategy Plan will vary from an older website. The web site’s age is important as it is an important factor in Google SEO. Don’t get excited and start skipping steps, you will end up doing twice the work down the road.

Start by writing down a few keywords to describe your web site’s topic. Input those words into Google’s keyword tool, you can search for “Google Keyword Tool” and see how many people search monthly for each one. This is very important as you would not want to perform Google SEO for keywords that nobody is looking for. If your web site is new and you currently do not have any traffic, shoot for keywords with low popularity, around 1,000 visitors a month max. Every 3 months, update your SEO strategy and update the keywords used. Always reaching for keywords with higher and higher volume.

Make sure to write down your initial keywords so that you can know how your strategy as time progresses. Make sure that the keywords you select are very relevant to the entire content of your site so that you get the most SEO from your efforts.

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