The number one reason – in my opinion – so many ring the death bell for this form of technical writing is that there’s so much junk polluting the web masquerading as “search engine optimization writing.”

You’ve undoubtedly run across these types of articles, which probably frustrated your search efforts to no end. They’re usually keyword stuffed (to the max); so general in nature that they’re useless; and barely cover a page (eg, 200 words, with the keyword phrase taking up half this word count).

Yes, This Type of SEO Writing Is Dead

And the SEO writing professionals who say SEO is dead are right – THIS type of copy is dead. Search engines like Google don’t want it, and have been taking pains to eradicate it seriously for the last couple of years now.

So in a sense, yes, you could say SEO copywriting – in this form – is dead. But, good SEO web writing is not dead – and it goes by the name of…

Themed SEO Content: The Rebirth of SEO Copywriting Is Reborn

Instead of focusing one specific keyword phrase – and repeating verbatim, ad nauseam in an article, a themed SEO article focuses on a myriad of keyword phrases – in the same article.

Remember, search engines are just machines; they’re robots. They’re not human readers. Hence, they come across (ie, “read”) a block of content with the word “apple” in it, they don’t know if you’re talking about apple pie or apple computers.

So if you’re taking about apple pie for example, it’ll expect the article to contain some phrases like apple pie recipes, how to make an apple pie, etc. It wouldn’t expect to see phrases like iPod, hard drive or iTunes – all computer-related things.