Search engine optimisation began in the 90s and it quickly became a standard for all website owners. It can increase visitors in your websites and more traffic could mean more profits for all online businesses. The SEO industry became multibillion endeavours and today, remains the largest industry in the internet and Google sets the criterion for many websites ranking. Vying for Google’s top list in its search engine results is very challenging which is why SEO is not only an important marketing strategy; is it effective, efficient, balanced and taps the potential of the websites marketing capability to reach many new audiences and keep loyal customers.

Google search engine for instance is familiar to millions of people around the world and when a visitor types in a keyword or a phrase, Google comes up with the results that is indexed in the search results page. The top on the list are the most popular websites. Being a popular websites has factors that make it so. The algorithm that is involved when Google makes these lists remains complex and broad. The best way to understand the fundamentals is to learn how Google responds to such keywords. True that the complex calculations remain vague until today, but there are ways to be on the SERP and one way is to use different strategies involved in the Search engine optimisation.

There are basic SEO tips to maximise a site using keywords. Keyword searches however, are a complicated process. The only way to overcome this is to learn how Google works, so the most important step is to find the right set of keywords so that when Google sees the keyword, finds the websites that contains that particular keywords. Therefore, creating contents with specific keywords usually works.

Here are ways on how to optimise website traffic and optimise keyword searches:

Keywords are used primarily as a page name in the website. Contents should also contain such keywords to help facilitate keyword searches.
Make your URL title that matches according to the website content. The content remains the number one factor why the website is recognized by search engines.
If your website contains pictures, do not forget to tag them or use descriptive words that correspond to the URL title and the web page that helps as well.
If you can, make use of the sub headings that support the lead paragraph.
In article writing, use keywords that can be used your title to the article.
Do not over stuff the article with keywords, it might be counted as a spam or blacklisted by Google.
Use links to improve traffic. Link your contents to popular sites as well.