Google can bring you an avalanche of traffic when you get into their top ten positions for popular keywords. You want your site on these high positions, but you don’t know how they do it.

Somehow you end up lurking in the SEO forums where the experts reveal how to rank high in Google. You apply their advice to your own site and hope it works.

Many weeks later, you type in your keyword, but can’t find your site listed anywhere on Google.


Was it you or was it the advice you read on the SEO forums?

Well, don’t blame yourself for trying… Next time you seek advice on the SEO forums you should be critical of what you hear.

Ask them how they arrived at their conclusions. Can they show proof that it works? Do they have the hard data to backup their claims?

Members of SEO forums just pass along what they have heard from someone else. They can’t provide proof because they don’t have top positions themselves.

Naturally, no one smart will reveal the true secrets to ranking high in Google. They would be crazy to make life harder for themselves.

People who do achieve high rankings in Google don’t hang out in the SEO forums… They don’t need to.

So where can you get true advice that does help you rank high in Google?

First, make sure the person supplying the advice can provide proof that it works.

Second, make sure that person has the hard data that you can look over to verify.

Third, don’t expect members on SEO forums to know the answers.

Ultimately, you’ll realize SEO forums can be a waste of time if you are seeking true advice. There are true experts out there, but they probably aren’t lurking in the forums waiting to post answers for the SEO newbie.