SEO is also commonly known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is a technique of ranking your web page high in Google search results whenever people are searching for the keywords that relate to the products you are selling or services you are providing. SEO is important because it brings you targeted traffic without you going around promoting for your site actively.

It is of paramount important that you consider SEO when designing your web site because you would not want to create a web site that Google cannot index and have issues ranking your web pages. The following are some of the important aspects you should take note when designing a web site.

First, the web pages must be able to be indexed by the Search Engines. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo discourage the use of full Flash for web site as they cannot crawl these information. Search Engines also cannot index information that needs authentication, for example, a forum with access rights (unless you gave them the access). To conclude, text based web pages is the best format you want to go if you want to optimize for Search Engines traffic.

Page Title Tag
Page title tag is a very important element of SEO. Every web page should have a unique title tag description. This will allow not only Google, but all the other Search Engines to give your pages a better relevancy. One common mistake that most web designers do is that they create a title tag and duplicate to all the web pages in the site.

Meta Keywords and Description
Google still uses meta keywords and description to display to the Searchers when they are searching using keywords relating to your product or services. Hence, you should also carefully input these tags into every web pages in your site so that people can have a better understanding of what is your page about and click to enter. The meta tags also needs to be unique for every pages.

Headers Tag
HTML tags like H1, H2 and H3 play an important role in SEO. Imagine that you are reading a book, you need to glance the Table of Contents to quickly locate a topic to read at. The Header tag is just like the topics listing. It gives Google a great understanding of how your page is structured and what are the main keywords they should be ranking you (based on the weigh of the Headers Tag).

Google also releases an official Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide to help beginners to understand better about SEO and what Web Masters can do to improve their SEO through a better use of web design.