The internet is a great resource for useful tips and tricks of effective Search engine Optimization. Here are some of most result oriented tools that can make website optimization an easy task as is done of SEO specialists.

Google Analytics:

Use Google Analytics for website traffic analysis. Search Engine Traffic, Content performance and Keywords are the three primary SEO elements measured by this tool. Site activities like hits, page views, bounce rate, pages viewed per visit, page views and average time spent by users in the website etc can easily be tracked by using this free tool.

Key Word Complete:

It is easy to track the keywords of the competitors. This tool tracks the keywords via the PPC campaigns. A number of features of this online tool provide complete assistance.


Analyzing the keyword density, meta tags, page load time etc is extremely easy with the meta tag analyzer of Widexl. One can also use it to determine the pages which are linked with specific website, for that reason one has to use the link popularity tool.


This website is particularly useful for it provides many tools that serve different needs for successful Search Engine Optimization. Some features like Google PageRank Prediction and Link Popularity, Website Speed Test are used by several webmasters. While Google PageRank is use to predict ranking of site in Google, Link Popularity is used to keep a check on number of links of any specific domain. One can measure the time a specific site takes for loading using Website Speed Test.

SEO Logs:

On-Page SEO tools play very important role in exploring webpages for further scope of keyword optimization. In addition to many other On-page SEO tools, SEO Logs provides Keyword Difficulty Check and Web Page SEO Optimizer. The main use of Keyword Difficulty Check is to evaluate the extent of difficulty faced by a keyword in order to secure a position in Search engines. Some other tools like HTTP Headers, Alexa Rank, Backlinks Analyzer Tool, and AdSense Profit Calculator are also provided by SEO Logs.

Link Diagnosis:

It is one of the most effective tools to scrutinize link competition, only one has to provide key details about competitor’s links. Page ranks and Anchor reports are some of the vitals results generated through this tool.