Being a part of the SEO industry, it is very important to understand the Google Panda and Penguin update. Google is one of the most popular search engines. Google is happy with the web spam algorithm. It is well known for regularly updating and tweaking its search algorithms. Some updates get more attention or some get less. However, the past few updates by the Google have affected the online industry a lot. Basically, these updates affect the SEO, web ranking. That’s two updates are Google Panda and penguin.

Google Panda update (target the low quality content) – it was introduced in April 2011. The main motive of this update is to target the websites that borrow information from other websites without providing any input.

Google Penguin update (target the web spam in terms of link building) – It was introduced by Google in 24 April 2012. It is basically introduced to target the sites that carry out huge stuffing of link building and keywords.

Some reasons why sites are affected by the latest Google penguin update

Link relevance and link pyramid
Low quality of back links
Over optimization of anchor text
Poor quality content
Keyword stuffing ( repetition of keywords, high keyword density)
Over SEO optimization
Hidden texts and hidden links
Sending automated queries to Google

The latest Google penguin update has shocked several webmasters. However, several sites are affected by this update. The impact is that many basic principles of SEO seem to be shaken apart. Several websites have been hit hard and looking to recover from this latest update from Google. The main objective of this update is to improve the search engine results. The Google Penguin and Panda Update have a good impact in penalizing the spammy websites.

If you want to recover from the Google Panda update, you need to examine which algorithm update hit your site traffic. You are confirmed with it, need to recover from it. There are certain tips that will surely help you.

Anchor text distribution: most of sites are affected because of less anchor text distribution. You have to increase the apt anchor text distribution with different type of anchor texts.