This is a another great tool offered from Google. It launched on May 2009. This tool was built to help users better find related and relevant searches. It’s a wheel of wonders, Google Wonder Wheel not only a good SEO tool but also a great search tool. Where can find this great tool? It’s in the left side of the Google search result page under the all result tab beneath “Everything” area. Just expand the “More search tools”, and there you will find it.

There are some things similar to human thinking system, every one idea links to another idea or another resource. For example if you are thinking of a searching fish food using Google search, by definition this wheel display relevant search terms. By clicking one relevant search term, it will open another wheel of wonders with relevant searches. If you haven’t tried, Google Wonder Wheel, just go ahead and give it a spin.

There are many types of fish foods if we type fish food with in wonder wheel, it gives result of

tetra fish food
goldfish food
catfish food
pond fish food
This list has nice graphical representation and it’s just like carousel or Ferris wheel, around the wheel there are branches of options that it would have. From this list now we can select most appropriate key word for our related search. For example if we select “tetra fish food”, another ferris wheel or bubble appears with these options,

tetra koi food
tetra pond fish food
Now we can select some other related items from this Ferris wheel, such as “tetra pond fish food”, now it’s showing most relevant result for this search in the right side of Google search. This is a good idea for long tails methodology. Google Wonder Wheel even helps you find niche search results easily. Google wonder wheel is very interesting because it has a graphical search environment. This will make your search experience better than you ever knew. You might be a novice user or could be web master that needs to find some thing online, Google wonder wheel is a great tool to find some things from jungle of the internet. Google wonder wheel is good idea if you don’t know where to go in Google search. And is a good tool for finding relevant searches.