The very fast paced world of internet marketing Search Engine Optimization is the biggest thing, yet the biggest area of concern for e-commerce businesses. Uncountable SEO tools, tricks, tips, companies, experts etc etc, are now available to help all small business owners ultimately increase their website rank. Obviously people do get confused which way or tool do they use to make their website SEO compatible.

There is huge diversity in SEO tools like Keyword Research and Brainstorming Tools, Back Link Analyzing tool, On-Site Analysis Tools, Search Related Tools, Domain Name Tools, Website Traffic and Demographics Report etc. Some of the best flexible, effective, reliable and powerful free SEO tools are nicely chalked down below.

Google Webmaster Console/ Google Analytics by Google Webmaster Console tool gives you a great suggestion about speed rate, highest rank for your page, back links etc etc. Google Analytics is free that allows you generate reports on how many people go to your site.

Google AdWords: This tool is designed to provide search results against chosen keywords. AdWords tells you how frequently people actually search for those keywords along with statistics, and plus other keyword variations available.

MultiRank Checker by A tool like this helps in rank checking via Alexa and Google rank of a clients site. It will help in doing a bulk check of site, to save you an absolute tonne of time.

Strongest Sub-pages Tool by This is one of the excellent SEO tools for webmasters to keep an eye on competitors’ strongest web page and get a brief idea what linking methods they have applied and what quality level they are maintain to keep their site in the hot list.

SEO Analyzer by SEO Analyzer is also an extremely powerful tool that analyze very efficiently what search engine optimization techniques your web site should follow to gain the ascendancy, thus ranking higher. It also allows you to keep previous reports run, so you have a complete history of any updates and changes you may have made.

XENU’s Link Sleuth by Tilman Haush: A free tool which captures any broken links, dead loops and back links etc in your site, obviously allowing you to repair them, a truly great addition to your war chest I believe.

Visual Page Rank by An awesome tool that again looks at your website, and gives you a graphical representation of every link on your page, and where it ranks.