Article submission to article directories is not given the importance it should have in SEO. Many comment unfavorably on the function of article directories in SEO. They quote Panda as a reason. The Google Panda algorithm update, also known as ‘Farmer’ after its focus on content farms, is often quoted as a reason for avoiding article directories. This is nonsense, and here is why.

Quality and Author Guidelines

Just as there are good and bad websites, so there are good and bad article directories. Some publish any content, irrespective of its quality. It is not easy for you to distinguish the difference between them. Google does so by establishing the quality of the content, the word count and the grammar of the content of the web pages published by such sites.

That is why many article directories have tightened up their quality requirements. Some have set a minimum word count of 500 words. Some have set a maximum keyword density of 2%. Some do not allow more than 2 instances of any individual word in your paragraph headings (apart from stop words – ‘a,’ ‘the,’ ‘and’ etc.)

The SEO Paradox

If you use your keyword more than once over all headings, some major article diectories are liable to reject it while some WordPress SEO plugins will increase your SEO score for the same thing. This is the paradox of search engine optimization: you get conflicting information because nobody other than some Google employees knows what is good and what is bad!

So here is one opinion of what is good that has resulted in excellent results in terms of Google rankings. It is based on the condition that your article is published with your ‘Resource’ intact – this is the section of your article containing your personal blurb and your web page URL.

The Benefits of Article Submission

Article submission works – at least for now in 2013. However, you must write your articles according to specific guidelines as published on the article directory websites. There are several benefits from submitting articles to article directories. Here are some ways in which writing articles and submitting them can help to promote your website or blog.


Google PageRank is still active in calculating the credibility of your web pages by means of how many backlinks they get from other relevant web pages. The important word here is ‘relevant.’ PageRank might soon be overtaken by ‘AuthorRank’ but when this happens, writing articles to improve your ‘authorship’ will become even more important.

A link back to your dog training page from a hot dog website will do you harm. A link from the ‘Hot Dog Saloon’ will do you even more harm! Links from pages closely related to your niche, however, will improve the importance of your page in Google’s opinion.