Search engine optimization, or SEO as it is more commonly referred to, is an extremely important factor of promotion for any Internet business. If using a provider, it is optimal to use genuine search engine optimisation services, as using lower quality SEO companies or trying to do the job yourself if you are inexperienced, might lead to your site being poorly ranked and receiving low volumes of traffic. But before you sign any contract to use an SEO company, you must make sure that they will only be using white hat techniques.

Google Penguin Update

In 2012, April was a very bad month for many Webmasters. The Google Penguin update led to hundreds of thousands of sites losing considerable rankings in search engines. Google claimed the sites were using SEO techniques against Google’s guidelines that did not agree with the Google Webmaster policies. Since then it is more important than ever to only use methods that Google will not frown upon, If you want to make sure your site is not de-indexed from the search engine giant.

Poor SEO Strategies

There are a number of strategies that should always be avoided when intending to optimise a website. These include the generation of too many back links to one single page of your website. This does not appear natural and therefore Google will penalise your site, suspecting that the links have been created artificially for the purpose of promoting your site within searches.

Do not use automated SEO services or software that automates content submission. This does not comply with Google’s Webmaster policies as they regard it as spam – used solely to generate back links from other websites.

Do not use the same repeating text in your anchor text links. This will very likely result in you receiving Google’s over-optimisation penalty as it appears artificial and not how a site would be linked to naturally.

When starting a promotional campaign do not be too hasty: In this case, slow and steady definitely wins the race. It takes time to build a authoritative site naturally, and if your site begins to receive too many back links in a short time it appears suspicious.

Do not generate too many back links to your site from a number of sites located on the same class CIP addresses. Google will see this as a negative against your site.


It is far better to get a few quality back links from authoritative, respected sites than it is to get thousands of low quality links. Always try to stay as natural as possible in your search engine optimisation promotions. Never forget the on-site factors such as fresh, unique and interesting content, easy navigation, and social interaction with your visitors. Not only is this important for visitor satisfaction, it will also bring you favour in the eyes of the search engines.