Google is a search engine that keeps changing its search algorithm time to time. Algorithm is changed by different updates such as Penguin 1.0 or 2.0 and Panda. These updates are beneficial not only for the searchers but also for the website owners. The reason being is updates award higher rankings to websites that offer quality content or in depth analysis and vice-versa. If you are a newbie you can find details mentioned below about Google updates:

This update is designed by Google and it targets web spammers. Its first version was made public in February 2012 and its second version rolled out in 2013. Penguin ranks website low that fail to follow the quality guidelines of Google. This update is more influential than any other Google updates such as Venice, Instant and personalized search. Most of the webmasters face problem with this update because it is very strict as far as keyword stuffing is concerned. It is also difficult to recover a website, if it gets penalized by Penguin. Different SEO strategies such as media insertion and frequent text posting can be used to make a website more Penguin friendly.

Panda came earlier than Penguin and targets websites whose content quality and support for users is not good. However, it boosts sites that have quality information and a thoughtful analysis. If a website contains duplicate or repetitive information Panda penalizes it. Scrappers who publish duplicate content are also targeted by this update, thus urging site owners to make websites more users friendly and highly resourceful. Some web masters grumble that their websites face low traffic after making changes recommended by quality guidelines from search engines. This is mainly because Panda, takes a little time to take a note of all these changes and once these changes are taken into account, website gains traffic again. The only way of making website Panda friendly is by following quality guidelines from Google.

In short, the latest updates among all for different search algorithms is Penguin and it gives best results when it comes to search results. Panda is also good and can be used with the latest one in order to get the best possible results. If you want to get better search engine results then it is recommended to get cheap SEO services and cheap SEO packages that are not only affordable but also have proven record in this field.