In order to understand SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) you need to understand that Google is the biggest match maker on the Planet. That’s what every search engine does. It’s just Google does it so much better than the other ones that it has a market share of around 70%. Just to let you know, this article is directed at small business owners who want to quickly understand SEO. So let’s get into the dynamics of SEO a little more.

As you already know, Google is a matchmaker. When someone types in a search, Google does its best to pair that person with the most relevant websites. In light of this, the goal of SEO becomes pretty obvious. Someone doing SEO is attempting to influence what Google decides in the matchmaking process. And how highly they are going to rank a site for a specific search.

Let’s consider some parallel examples to illustrate the point.

1. First we have Joe. Joe is a plumber in New York who has invested a lot of money in a good SEO firm. They have done their work well. So, they’ve convinced Google that Joe’s website is relevant. It is deemed useful to searchers. Because Joe invested his money wisely in online marketing he has a stand out ROI. AND, his site is in the first spot in several of the highly searched keywords for his market.

2. Then we have Brian. Brian’s also a plumber in New York, who wonders about the Internet and does some bargain shopping. He decides to go with an SEO company that’s a lot cheaper than Joe’s. They guaranteed first page rankings, which is actually a warning sign for a bad SEO company. Brian’s website moves up in the search engines; however, it is ranking only for very obscure and useless searches. Yeah, folks, Brian got ripped off! He sees no ROI because he’s not ranking for the most competitive and important keywords in his market.

The point of telling this story is to illuminate the point that SEO can be done poorly or well. Google matches sites based on a variety of factors. And they want a site to be relevant to searchers.

In the end, Google just wants to match you with the best websites for your search. They want to be useful to people, because that’s how they continue to be the leading search engine. And, that’s how they continue to grow. Google is ready to hook you up. You just have to make sure your site gives the right signals to make that happen.