Google+ can be a beneficial addition to your SEO arsenal if used correctly, with a crossover of search engine optimisation and social media using the largest search engine in the world.

Google+ has been widely debated in the world of online marketing and social media, with many people questioning its value against social media giants like Facebook and Twitter. So is it any use to search engine marketers?

As a Google product, G+ is always going to add value to pages ranking within Google search results. Even if you aren’t a fan of the new social platform, even basic use can make a difference to your search rankings. On a user level, it seems that there are still only pockets of activity on Google+ rather than widely spread general use. it may be the case that your business does not fall into a popular niche, but that isn’t necessarily a problem. If this is so, it will mean that you’re unlikely to get a lot of direct traffic or interaction from G+, but posting and adding links regularly can still be beneficial from a search perspective. If you are lucky to have an active social industry on Google+ then make the most of it! Get to grips with the social activity and start interacting, engaging, following other users, building circles and starting hangouts.

There are a few simple steps to setting up a Google+ business page:

1) Treat your page like a landing page on your website: you’ll need a page title, meta description, and targeted keywords spread through your content.

Try to incorporate a keyword into your page title, even if your company name doesn’t include it. You have the option of a tagline or meta description underneath your page name, so utilise this by adding in other keywords in a natural way. These will help users find your page more easily.

2) You now have an introductory section where you can add general information about your business. Give as much information as possible, including:

Opening hours
Products and services
General history and ethos of your company
Website address
Contact details
Make sure this section is well-written and user friendly – Google optimises natural, fresh content over spammy, keyword-stuffed content, remember! You can add links into this section too, so make the most of long tail search terms linking back to your website and other social media profiles.

Add videos and images to your Google+ gallery and don’t forget to include descriptions and keywords so these can be easily searched for too.

Finally you can fill in the Recommended Links section with your website, social media profiles, blog – any link, site or resource that will be useful for your customers.