Google Webmaster Tools is a non-paid web service from Google dedicated to webmasters. With these tools, webmasters can check their indexing as well as optimize their website’s visibility. There are several ways webmasters can perform to enhance their SEO. Some given here are the most common SEO methods a webmaster carries on:

1. Link Building

It is not a secret that the number of inbound links on Google Webmaster Tools is commonly more than what a search query can discover. Often, you will be surprised that even orphaned pages or pages that don’t benefit much from linking to your website get the inbound link. How this can possibly happen, those geniuses at Google still keep it zipped. Often, some pages that are linked to your site are no more than automated sites, but sometimes you will also find the really good ones from the long list of inbound links. When you find these good links, you can utilize them for better traffic and inbound links. Focus on finding authority sites as your inbound links, as they are worthier than any automated links combined.

2. Keyword Research

Besides for building significant links to your website, you can also examine the affability of keywords. Indeed Google provides you with some keyword research tools for your convenience, but Google Webmaster Tools do better. The service not only does examine keywords, the tool finds which keywords would suit your website. The concept of the service’s keyword research is finding out the reachable keywords that are already ranked near the top five. Using effective low-level SEO practice, the keywords are enhanced to rank better and get a high ROI. Most practitioners are focusing on keywords with high traffic, important queries, and high profit. This kind of SEO method is a good way to save your money and time as you don’t have to battle with other website competitors for better visibility.

3. Conversion Rate Optimization

As customer behaviors are hard to predict, webmasters may use conversion rate optimization to improve customer’s awareness of their websites. Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO is a method to increase the conversion of the visitors of a website into the website’s customer. But before you can turn the visitors into customers, you should change your searcher into visitors first. Using Google Webmaster Tools, you can find your converting keywords; all the best and the worst. As not all keywords get high Click Through Rates (CTR), you will be surprised when finding out that some unpredictable keywords may get higher CTR than those that seem more appropriate.